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Rules for NJEA Elections


The “Rules for NJEA Elections” allow for Candidate Campaigning at NJEA and or County meetings and publication of candidate information in the county publication as follows:

1.   No candidates’ poster or literature shall be displayed, nor shall the handing out of candidates’ campaign material be permitted, within the meeting room. However the candidate may wear campaign buttons and or other appropriate materials during a meeting.

2.   Materials can be handed out, outside of a meeting area.

3.   The county webpage/newsletter may publish material provided by the candidate as long as all parties are given equal access.

4.   Rules for campaigning must be sent to local presidents and published where appropriate.

Based on the above rules, the ACCEA elections committee offers the candidates for county officer the following options:

At any ACCEA Workshop or meeting:

  1. Campaigning and handing out of materials may be handed out only in the foyer area.

At the March 20th Rep Council Meeting @ CrabTrap:

1. Candidates will be allowed to make a three minute presentation to the membership at our March 20th Rep Council meeting. Materials may not be handed out in the meeting room. Campaigning may not take place in the meeting area.


At the Legislative Dinner, April 10:

1.   Candidates may hand out campaign materials in the registration area only. Materials may not be handed out in the meeting room or the reception area. No campaigning in these areas.


For the Webpage:

1.   By March 13, 2014, candidates may submit a print ready ad in JPG format no larger than 4”x 5” for publication on the webpage

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