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Committee Reports

NJEA Committee Meetings:

Instruction Meeting 5/23/17

Professional Development and Instructional Issues


Beginning with the 15/16 school year, provisional teachers were required to receive two

effective/highly effective summative ratings within 3 consecutive years in order to meet the evaluation requirements for a standard certificate.


For provisional teachers who began teaching at the beginning of the 15/16 school year, the end of the 16/17 school year marks the first opportunity to earn a standard certificate.


Districts are in the process of entering summative evaluation ratings for all provisional teachers into an online system called the Provisional License Registration Management System


(PLRMS). Candidates for a standard instructional certificate must then initiate an application online at the NJ Teacher Certification Information System (TCIS).


Provisional teachers who are completing their second year but are awaiting an mSGP score in order to receive a summative rating, will be eligible for renewal of the provisional certificate.


However, only district personnel may renew provisional licenses. Provisional teachers who are entering the third year of teaching must check their certificates in TCIS early in the 2017/18 school year to be sure their district has taken this step. Once the mSGP is received and a summative score determined candidates should initiate an application and complete the steps listed.

To contact the Department of Education:

For questions contact Camy Kobylinski.associate director; PDII

Instruction Committee Virtual Meeting, March 30, 2017
Submitted by Ellen Fatcher

  • Phil Murphy the NJEA endorsed Democrat for governor
  • Daily updates on your lawmakers and key developments on the issues that you care about. You can get email alerts or text alerts. Signing up is easy.
  • PARCC Guide to Released Items/Understanding Scoring is out and there is no big difference from last year. ( is once again available)
  • Sample score reports were distributed and color coding is even more difficult to decipher
  • Teacher evaluation: release of mSGPs for 2015-2016 10% of summative and 2016-2017 is 30%
  • ESSA: Maintains annual assessments, states must adopt challenging academic standards, requires 95% participation of assessments, the current structure of state and local report cards remains, end of highly qualified teacher requirement
  • NJEA consultant vacancy
  • NJEA summer PD: July 12 and July 19
  • Teaching and Learning Symposium October 14th

Next meeting in Trenton: Tuesday, May 23rd

Elections Committee January 24, 2017

  • Validated petitions for positions of President & Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Sean Spiller’s petition was certified and elected Vice President of NJEA. (Uncontested)
  • Reviewed state delegate formula for numbers of delegates to RA.
  • Atlantic County allowed 6 plus 2 Minority Concerns Delegates.
  • Reviewed Atlantic County elections information. Atlantic County will elect 2 DA and @ 2 DA Alternate.
  • Establishing a county nominations committee was discussed.
  • Guidelines were reviewed for submitting nominees.  February 24th closes nominations by NJEA. Members must use home email address.
  • Locals with less than 75 members can cluster with other locals to be able to attend RA in Boston.
  • Perception that there is an endorsement since Marie & Sean are running with another candidate.  NJEA doesn’t endorse anyone for any position.
  • Next meeting is Tuesday, April 25th.

Mary Jane Hurley, NJEA Elections Committee


NJEA Working Conditions Committee  November 14, 2016

A document  was approved by the WCC on 11/14/16 for the updated policies for Workers’ Compensation, Criminal Background Checks, Seniority, and DCF.
We added one bullet to the recommendation for Workers’ Compensation dealing with the psychological and post-traumatic stress on employees from the public schools, and for Criminal Background Checks we deleted the language in the recommendation about creating an ad hoc committee which came from the original policy in 1994.
The WCC will be working on adding three more policy updates around Subcontracting, Corporal Punishment, and Release Time which will be included in the report to the DA on 1/21/16.

NJEA Elections Committee October 13, 2016

Additional possible candidates for VP and Secretary/Treasurer. Deadline is October 17th.  Michael Kruczek from Warren County for Sec/Treas and Tracie Capriani from Monmouth County for VP.

Discussion regarding a candidate using an NJEA email address to contact county presidents. Attorney said it was ok – email address same as physical address if on social media.County may endorse, but anything that goes out, must also state all the candidates names.  Example website or flyers.  All candidates must have equal billing.  No money can be spent on endorsement. 

Must invite all candidates to speak at Rep Council, or a representative. Should show in minutes that all were invited. Election chair should chair that part of Rep Council.

Encourage members to vote online.  Saves money and good way to update member profile information. 

Volunteers needed to work booth during convention and for election forum. Election forum will take place on Thursday, November 10th 9:30-11:00. Hurley volunteered to work booth on Friday 10:30-12:30. Too late to run a live stream during forum.  In addition, a problem would be no filter. Will be video taped to show on NJEA members only site, and would edit it’s length for easier viewing. Suggestions what topics should be discussed during forum. Questions were then formulated based on the topics. 

Chairperson reviewed format for forum. 

NJEA Elections Committee September 22, 2016

NJEA Elections Committee Meeting Reviewed election guidelines & rules for election. Floor opened up to candidates concerns. Denise King asked about conflict of interest regarding raising funds. Tom will come up with a list of vendors. Andrew Policastro asked about campaigning at NJEA meetings, since two county presidents are running for office. Tom said each county has their own rules about campaigning. Michael Grossman can’t make all the Fall Focus like an officer has ability to do. Ed Richardson explained that the dates are available to make as many as possible. Suggested to have a network that can make events.
Candidate drawings: Convention booths: each candidate drew their booth number Ballot Position: President: Marie Blistan, Michael Grossman Sec/Treas: Denise King, Steve Beattie, Andrew Policastro Speaking Order: Position chosen the order to speak at the NJEA Convention forum.
Publication: Position chosen for the Review layout.
Volunteers needed to work both booth and forum at convention. Kathy will send out sign up sheets. Election committee members should never campaign for candidates.
Wendell Steinhauer has dropped out of race for NJEA officer.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm. Next meeting October 13, 2016

NJEA Tech Committee 

Meeting Date:  Thursday April 7th

  1. Minutes from March 10 were approved.
  2. Discussion about the renaming of High Tech Hall–New Name is Digital Boulevard.
  3. Discussion about Digital Boulevard and what technology will be on display at the NJEA Convention in November.
  4. Techstock 2016 will be at Stockton on Wednesday July 13th.  Encourage members to attend.
  5. Review of the Technology Committee report to the Delegate Assembly.
  6. Reviewed some dates for a meeting in September.
  7. Meeting adjourned at 7:45

Submitted by Pam Burnell, GEHREA–Absegami High School

February 1, 2016 Meeting:  Conducted through Webex (attended via webcam)

Items of Interest:

  1. Reviewed High Tech Hall from the convention.  Discussed the need for additional signs.
  2.  Discussion on Techstock:  2016 will be held at Stockton.  2017 venue may change.
  3.  Discussion of Possibly renaming High Tech Hall for the Convention in November.
  4.  Discussion on adding another meeting for Thrusday, March 10.  Attendance either in person or through Webex.

March 10, 2016 Meeting: Conducted through Webex (attended via webcam)

Items of Interest:

  1. Continued discussion on renaming of High Tech Hall.  Choices are:  Digital Drive or Digital Boulevard.  Darryl will take this to the Convention Committee.
  2. Techstock:  July 10 at Stockton.  2017 will also be a Stockton.
  3. Debriefing of 2/1/16 meeting and the use of Webex.  Pros and Cons were discussed.
  4. New business:  Chromebooks for PARCC:  Please warn fellow members that Pearson can turn on the webcam on the Chromebooks and review the student testing and using that device.  Members should discuss this with the building/district administration.  It’s recommended that camera be covered with tape.

Next meeting:  April 10th in person in Trenton.

Submitted by Pam Burnell, GEHREA–Absegami High School

NJEA Working Conditions Committee 

February 25, 2016

1. Minutes of the January 28, 2016 “Virtual Meeting” were discussed.

2. Legislative Report:

3. New Business

  •  Bad Bill Alert (S-979) Weinberg (infringes on right to bargain health care coverage waivers)
  • Ask Legislators to Co-Sponsor and Vote Yes on ACR-109/SCR-2 (Constitutional Amendment
  • on Pensions)
  • Governor’s Budget Address and NJEA Response (see NJEA website for full transcript)

WCC entertained request to discuss and consider a potential bill to provide military service credit to ESP members similar to existing state law/statute 18A:28-11.1 that allows the same for certificated staff. NJEA Executive Committee Member, Edward Yarusinsky (Warren County) presented information to WCC and rationale behind his request for WCC to submit create policy language to support this measure. After discussion, language was created that mirrored the existing law, and sent for review before it will be submitted to the NJEA-Delegate Assembly for a vote.

4. Old Business

WCC completed 24 policy revisions, submitted same for review, and WCC Chair will present (edited) policy amendment revisions at March 19, 2016 NJEA-Delegate Assembly.

5. No Reports & Updates of Arbitration Decisions and Case Law

6. Announcements: Staff Contact Jim Loper will no longer be assigned to Working Conditions Committee as he has accepted assignment as the “Central” (1 of 4) Regional UniServ Directors. Jim explained that the supervisory “shift” to 4 regional directors will take place within UniServ with the retirement of the NJEA-UniServ Director.

Submitted: Barbara Rheault

November 12, 2015

Committee received General Election Update.

Committee heard presentation from representative from NJ Press Association and an NJEA Member regarding a bill that WC discussed in April, 2015. The proposed legislation would provide safeguards and protections for School Employees who supervise and/or serve as advisors to School Newspaper/School Media Clubs or activities, and considers student’s First Amendment Rights. The legislation is based partially on Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, 393 U.S. 503 (1969) and recent School Administrative action taken by then-Northern Highlands Regional HS Superintendent (now GEHRSD Supeintendent) John Keenan. WC considered and agreed to support such legislation, but referred the proposed legislation to the Certification, Evaluation and Tenure Committee for review.

Committee engaged in lengthy discussion on Policy Revision. Committee received training and direction from NJEA Research and Staff regarding review, rewrite and formatting of said revisions. Prior revisions completed by members of WC during 2014-2015 will need to be revised and edited to comply with charge of simplifying and consolidated old, outdated or obsolete language in NJEA Policy.

As there was no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

Next scheduled WC Meeting is December 10, 2015. This meeting will be a training session for WC Members on how to participate in a Virtual Meeting.

Submitted by: Barbara Rheault, Working Conditions Chairperson